Ex-Bill Clinton Adviser Details 'Scheme' He Thinks Is In the Works to Help Hillary Become the Democratic Nominee

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during funeral services for Rep. Elijah Cummings, Friday, Oct. 25, 2019, in Baltimore. The Maryland congressman and civil rights champion died Thursday, Oct. 17, at age 68 of complications from long-standing health issues. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)


A former adviser to President Bill Clinton is suggesting that there may be a deal in the works to help Hillary Clinton get the Democratic nomination.

Former Bill Clinton adviser Dick Morris laid out what he thought.

From Washington Examiner:

“Here’s the deal that I think is going down. I think Hillary and Bloomberg have gotten together and cooked up a scheme,” Dick Morris told John Catsimatidis on The Cats Roundtable radio show on Sunday.

He said Bloomberg would stay in the race, even if he has no chance of winning, in an effort to get at least enough support to keep Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders from running away with the nomination.

“Nobody will be nominated on the first ballot, and it’ll go to a second ballot,” Morris said of a brokered convention. “The problem is that the party establishment doesn’t have a candidate. They can’t do Bloomberg because he got killed in the debate. … Can’t do [Joe] Biden because he’s already lost the front-runner status. … [Pete] Buttigieg looks like a high school kid at the Model UN. … [Elizabeth] Warren is third, but she’s pretty far to the Left, and they’re not going to want to trust her.”

Then with Sanders not getting enough on the first ballot to take the nomination outright, guess who then gets proposed on the second ballot as a “conciliatory candidate” at a brokered convention.

He said he thought that would be “the establishment scenario” and the only candidate they could come up with to “measure up to Trump.”


The Drudge Report reported that Bloomberg was considering Clinton as a potential running mate, but Clinton denied the claim.

Clinton has said that she would love to be President but doesn’t want to run again. That scenario of course would then fit this, she wouldn’t have to go through all the running for the position, it would be ‘thrust upon her,’ because in her mind she’s such a deserving candidate and she thinks she could beat Trump.

But here’s the problem with that scenario, if anyone is really thinking about it or thinks it would work.

Does anyone think that the already angry Bernie folks, who feel that they got gipped out of the nomination in 2016 by Clinton and are mad again because of recent remarks she made against Bernie, are going to stand for that happening? Much less the other candidates?

You would have a fracturing of epic proportions that would make the protests at the last Democratic convention against Hillary and the DNC look like a garden party in comparison.

In such a situation, you might even get Bernie folks not only not voting but doing a protest vote for President Donald Trump, and Trump would still win.


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