Watch Bloomberg Display Remarkable Ignorance About Guns in 2012 Video, While Arguing to Get Rid of Most Guns

Michael Bloomberg, Founder of Bloomberg LP and Bloomberg Philanthropies, arrives for the 74th Annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner, Thursday, Oct. 17, 2019, in New York. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)


As we have previously reported, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg who is now running for the Democratic nomination for president has a host of videos with controversial statements or actions in his past.

Some of them have been dropping in the past week including insulting farmers, talking about denying medical care to people with cancer past a certain age and controversial comments on race. Even a cringeworthy stage appearance as Mary Poppins.

The Mary Poppins video was a nod to his political aspirations for the White House and as well as his “nanny-statism.” “I’ll tell you where I’m going. First, Iowa. Then New Hampshire. Maybe I can get the whole country to behave!”

Unfortunately, as we have seen over the years and are seeing now, his desire to control people and make them “behave” has he wants has been a constant feature, hence the nickname “Nanny Bloomberg.”

But despite wanting to control what you do, he also has a remarkable ignorance about the subjects on which he chooses to opine, such as with his comments about farmers and that not requiring “gray matter.”

Here’s a video of his incredible ignorance from 2012 on Nightline with the host Cynthia McFadden actually doing a great job in this clip at calling out most of his ridiculous responses.


McFadden points out how the 1994 Assault Weapons ban wouldn’t have stopped the guns used in the mass shooting in Sandy Hook, CT. She pressed him on what an “assault weapon” was and his response was “well, if it can fire a lot of bullets quickly.” He then went on to define that as three, suggesting he would do away with the ability to have guns firing more than three bullets.

“If you can’t hit the deer in 3 shots, you’re a lousy shot and that deer deserves to get away, let’s be serious here,” he sniffed disparagingly. He seemed ignorant of course that there are many perceivable situations where that would not be sufficient either for hunting or defense, and that it’s not just about hunting, but about a Constitutional right.

“That would ban most pistols,” McFadden said. “But pistols are different,” Bloomberg claimed, “You have to pull the trigger each time. An assault weapon you basically hold it and it goes brrppp.” Uh, what blathering idiocy is that?


McFadden couldn’t quite believe it, but she corrected him. “But, no, those are fully automatic weapons. Fully automatic weapons.”

Bloomberg said, “Well then you have a big magazine with 20, 30 bullets before you run out.” If you haven’t killed it yet, he said, “I suggest God wants the deer to live.”

She said that would ban most guns used by hunters today, to which he responded, “If that’s what they’re using, for God’s sake, why don’t they use dynamite?”

She notes the argument that all he would achieve is taking guns away from good people. He claims that’s not true, that if you have a gun you’re more likely to kill a family member or friend. “If someone is pointing a gun at you, you think you’re going to outshoot him? That’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.”

Um, so better they shoot you and kill you then? Because that’s the option in your example. How insane is this?



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