Screaming Leftists Lose It In the Face of the Trump's Acquittal

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Let’s face it, one of the things that was so wonderful about the acquittal of President Donald Trump during the Senate impeachment trial yesterday was the liberal tears.


Now, obviously, it was coming, everyone knew it and had been telling Democrats it was a huge waste of their time, there wasn’t going to be a removal no matter how many tricks the Democrats tried to pull out of their hat. But they did it anyway.

Yet still some seemed shocked.

But it does seem to have driven some completely around the bend.

First, there was this lovely fellow who freaked out on the Arizona State University campus when he saw a student Republican table, with what looks like a “Trump 2020” sign hung on it. He screamed about “slashing Republican throats.”

Warning for language

“Slash his throat! [referring to Trump] Every f**king Republican! Suck my f**king balls! Slash Republican throats! Slash Fascist throats.”

Well, he seems nice. In need of a lot of medication as well as a visit by the police/Secret Service for threats.

Then there were the ridiculous protesters outside the Senate.

We’ve seen people screaming pointlessly into the sky. There was this infamous example from when President Donald Trump was elected.


But Tristan Justice of the Federalist caught these protesters doing something equally as pointless.

The protesters were trying to influence the senators before their vote by screaming into an electrical conduit tunnel outside the Senate building, hoping it would carry in to the senators.

As Tristan Justice noted, however, “a capitol hill security officer at the site said there was no way anybody in the Senate building could actually hear the protestors through the tunnel.”

So basically it was pretty darn useless. But they’re leftist protesters. It’s what they do.

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