Former Never Trumper Nukes The Bulwark Crowd, 'That's Not Principled, That's Juvenile'

Seton Motley | Red State |

In the wake of the impeachment trial vote against more witnesses, neoconservative pundit Never Trumper Bill Kristol declared himself a Democrat, saying “we are all Democrats now.”


He was immediately called out for it and may already been regretting his choice when he tweeted this, imploring his fellow Democrats not to vote for Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Too late. They’re your party now. What Kristol just revealed is what he always was anyway, he’s just now admitting it.

But we wanted to point out a post from our friends over at Twitchy, highlighting another person who had been a Never Trumper. Because there are far more folks like Phineas Fahrquar than there are like Bill Kristol. The folks who had reservations but kept an open mind. Fahrquar takes on the Bulwark folks like Kristol and Amanda Carpenter and destroys their arguments.


Imagine what we have now that we never would have had but for Trump, that conservatives, even if they weren’t for Trump should be for – stronger military, tax cuts, deregulation, a banging economy, lower unemployment, and conservative judges for a generation.


That’s exactly what you get if you vote Democratic. Every step you take further left is one that becomes harder and harder to pull back. It’s already incredibly difficult after eight years of Obama. Voting Trump is literally the “Bulwark” against that, supporting basic freedoms, rights and the economy.



Now, while I might disagree with the phrasing or the good wishes for the Bulwark, there are far more Americans like Fahrquar, who’ve left their minds open, than those like Kristol and the Bulwark and they’re going to help vote down the Democrats in 2020 and re-elect Trump.


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