NYT Reporter Leaks DM He Received From Coach Who Called Out His Credibility, Said He Should Investigate Biden

New York Times building by wsifrancis, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

New York Times building by wsifrancis, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original


Now, you may not know who New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt is.

But you do know some of his work. Because he’s the guy who ended up with the leaks that started from former FBI Director James Comey. More recently this past week, he’s one of the reporters behind the story on the “Bolton leak,” the New York Times report about alleged information in Bolton’s draft manuscript. Funny how he ends up with these finely-timed stories that help Democrats.


The report has been called into question from multiple people including the DOJ and the White House Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney.

The timing of the report, right at the end of the impeachment trial at the height of the fight over witnesses was suspect at best.

Fortunately, senators were able to see past it and voted down the motion for new witnesses.

But of course, don’t think that Schmidt is a partisan, no sir. He’s an objective journalist. Or not so much.

Schmidt allegedly received a DM from the offensive coordinator for the Brown University football team, Coach Vinny Marino. In the DM, Marino questioned his credibility and suggested that he should be investigating why Joe Biden got the Ukrainian prosecutor fired.

How do we know about this DM? Why, because it apparently irked Schmidt that anyone dare question him so he decided to share it on Twitter, identifying Marino’s place of employment, with the obvious intent of trying to shame Marino.


Of course, he had to know that would cause people to attack Marino and try to get him fired, cancel culture being what it is, because apparently Marino isn’t allowed to have a different opinion or dare to question Schmidt.

Here’s some of the crazy:

Marino’s Twitter is now locked.

Really nasty and vile move by Schmidt, and it pretty much proves Marino’s point that some in media are not to be trusted. Hope no one ever trusts giving this guy a tip ever again as it’s clear he doesn’t respect anyone’s privacy, has no ethics and is truly a petty human being, in addition to pushing propaganda.


But fortunately, most people are sane and blasted Schmidt.

Vinny Marino picked up fans. Good for him for speaking a little truth to the New York Times.


Hopefully Brown doesn’t allow crazy people to bully it and believes in freedom of speech. But once again, liberals want to shut down opinion they don’t like.


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