CNN's John Harwood Has Figured Out Why GOP Senators Voted Against More Witnesses and It's Ridiculous

Media were among those melting down on Friday after the vote on more witnesses practically guaranteed an acquittal coming in the impeachment trial for President Donald Trump.


They were out spinning the Democratic line, despite their claims to be objective journalists.

But perhaps one of the worst takes was that from CNN White House correspondent John Harwood.

Can we even begin to say how ridiculous this is, on every level? But good to know that we can always count on media and especially CNN to go there.

Is there any wonder and any doubt that the name “liberal hack” given by Sen. Martha McSally applies?


Can we mention a little history and that the GOP was literally created to fight slavery? And that it was Democrats who tried to protect it?

But also what the heck does that even have to do with this vote?

Harwood just joined CNN this month, but it’s clear that he’s already a perfect fit and up to speed on the talking points.

From Washington Examiner:

Harwood, who recently moved to CNN, was harshly criticized in 2015 for his combative performance as a moderator for CNBC’s Republican debate. At one point, he referred to Trump, who was then a candidate, as a “comic-book villain.” Hacked emails from Harwood later showed that he had regularly praised Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in private correspondence between Harwood and the former secretary of state.

But no, as CNN’s Chris Cillizza says, they don’t root for a side.


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