CNN: Democrats Look Like They're in Trouble on Impeachment

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Screenshot from this video


CNN declared late on Thursday that Democrats appear to be in trouble with impeachment. They were always going to be in an uphill fight when it came to a final vote on conviction or acquittal.


But Democrats were hoping they could do more fishing expedition and draw out the process by calling witnesses, something that theoretically could take weeks if not months, during which time they hoped to play “death of a thousand cuts” with the President and GOP senators.

CNN noted how both sides seemed to acknowledge that the Republicans likely had the votes to block new witnesses and the Democrats wouldn’t be able to keep the trial going.

“The big fight clearly over whether or not there will be witnesses and Jake [Tapper] the big vote on that will come tomorrow. They need four Republicans,” Blitzer continued. “Right now, the Democrats look like they’re in trouble.”

From Daily Wire:

“They sure do,” CNN’s Jake Tapper responded. “One of the illest omens that I’ve seen for the Democrats so far came when Senator Lamar Alexander, theoretically one of the swing vote that could possibly vote for more witnesses, submitted a question along with two Trump stalwarts — Senators Daines and Cruz — and the question was, ‘please compare the bipartisanship in the Nixon impeachment, the Clinton impeachment, and the Trump impeachment.”

“One of the very many loaded questions in which they’re just trying to make a point,” Tapper added.

“Well, I think it’s almost been a return to the beginning of the week, before the big New York Times bombshell about the Bolton book, where the Republicans are just trying to run out the clock and not make any mistakes,” CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin said. “Because it looks like they think they’re ahead, they are certainly are ahead on the issue of whether the president is going to be convicted and there seems to be a lot more confidence in their camp on the issue of witnesses.”

“So, they are answering the questions with big picture issues, talking about the unfairness of the House investigation,” Toobin added.


Let’s hope this holds together through tomorrow and that there isn’t any flipping or funny business before then.

Both Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) and Sen. Martha McSally (R-AZ) who are in potential tough fights for re-election in possible swing states came out on Wednesday and said they were against calling new witnesses and that enough was enough and it was time to vote.

Meanwhile, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) acknowledged that getting more witnesses seemed not to be likely.

There are still some moderates who have not come out publicly, but it’s not sounding good for Democrats.

When even CNN gets it…


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