Despicable: Kerry Dismisses Biden/Ukraine Questions as Effort 'Do a Benghazi, Do an Email Thing,' Makes Himself a Witness

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People may forget the Obama administration’s scandals and appreciable foreign policy failures.

However, we’re still have to deal with the consequence of all the mess that they left.


Former Obama Secretary of State John Kerry has been on the road, campaigning for former Obama Vice President Joe Biden in Biden’t effort for the Democratic 2020 presidential nomination.

Both have a habit of opening mouth and inserting foot. Kerry was at it again during a campaign event.

“The reason they’re trying to use this Ukraine thing,” Kerry said waving his hand dismissively, “Is purely to do a Benghazi, to do an email kind of thing. Whatever. Just hammer and hammer and hammer, throw the mud. And you wait and see what happens tomorrow on the floor of the Senate with their defense. They’re just going to be playing it dirty, trying to attack and mess people up.”

Yikes. Really, John? Do you know what you just said? You just compared Biden to two substantial scandals with lots of wrongdoing.


First, to invoke Benghazi, to suggest it’s a nothing when our mission was attacked and four Americans, including the Ambassador, were killed and others were wounded is despicable. Did you miss the official investigations which found the State Department at fault for failing to properly respond to the threats? Did you miss the family members saying how Hillary Clinton told them lies over the caskets? Did you miss Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice pushing a lie about an internet video?

Second, comparing Biden to the “email thing” where Hillary Clinton did in fact create a private server to avoid government oversight and sent and received classified information that anyone else would have been prosecuted for, is also not a good look. She did delete emails. The only reason she wasn’t prosecuted was because former FBI Director James Comey made a “prosecutorial” decision that he wasn’t entitled to make, because there were evidence that allegedly suggested Attorney General Loretta Lynch was compromised to help Hillary Clinton. Again, really not something with which you would want to be comparing your situation.

Hunter Biden receiving money for a position on a board connected to the Ukraine government while Joe Biden was serving as Barack Obama’s point man for Ukraine is an issue and it needs to be explained.


But Kerry stepped in it further.

“I know what happened with respect to that crooked prosecutor in Ukraine because all of us in the Obama administration were making the calls & telling them he’s got to go… Joe Biden just happened to be capable.”

Sure sounds like he just made himself a potential witness, doesn’t it?


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