David Axelrod Delivers Death Knell to Dems' Hopes: Even Dems Don't Care About Impeachment Trial

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

Democrats have desperately trying to convince Republicans and Americans on impeachment.

Their chances of convincing Republicans are pretty slim, especially after the patently deficient case they have presented which left many Republicans saying “there’s no evidence.”


But they were hoping that maybe with televised proceedings they could pull some more Americans into the corner with the performance art of House Intel Chair Adam Schiff, who has been the primary House impeachment manager presenting the case.

But the statistics for viewership have been dismal, with numbers dropping as each day goes on, indicating they’re tuning it out.

Even former Senior Advisor to Barack Obama David Axelrod had to confess that the Democrats’ effort was in deep trouble.


“I was in a focus group this morning for the Institute of Politics here at the University of Chicago with some Chicago Democratic voters. And it was chilling to hear them talk about this because impeachment didn’t even come up — no one volunteered it — for 80 minutes into the focus group and we’re right in the middle of the trial”

Whoops. In other words, epic fail. No one even cares what the Democrats are doing, even among what should be their audience. That’s a death knell to the case right there.



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