Watch: Glenn Beck Reads 'Disturbing' Letter from Biden Campaign Demanding Media Not Cover Hunter/Ukraine Issue

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

The Biden campaign has been completely floundering when it comes to what to do about Hunter Biden and their Ukraine mess.

Joe Biden has been unable to adequately answer questions people have had, even blowing up at a voter, insulating him, calling him a “liar,””fat” and “too old.”


The campaign put out an ad trying to explain it all, but it was an utter fail, with false information in it that was easily debunked.

So now they’re simply trying to make it go away by demanding that media not cover the “debunked claims” or if they do cover it at all, say that they are “debunked” and only print what the Biden team considers acceptable.

Glenn Beck busted the Biden campaign big time by reading the letter they sent out to media demanding compliance.

Imagine if President Donald Trump tried to do that, what the media would have said.

But the Biden team doesn’t see a problem with commanding the media what to do and what to cover.

Why? Because a lot of the media are in their corner and will actually comply.

Another reason that the Biden team may now be making this request? Because not only are the present facts already disturbing about Hunter’s involvement with Burisma while his father was the point man for the Obama administration on Ukraine, but new information just dropped on Thursday about a meeting held by the Obama administration held in January 2016 with Ukrainian officials, embassy officials and the whistleblower who checked in the Ukrainians to the White House. The subject of the meeting, according to an email query by Ken Vogel in May 2019 was allegedly what to do about with Burisma investigations given Hunter Biden’s connection to the firm, according to a report from Fox’s Laura Ingraham.


Not only aren’t the questions “debunked,” indeed, they’re heating up.


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