Vox Journalist Mocks Space Force Camo Uniforms Because of Trump, the Space Force and Internet Respond

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

Last month, President Donald Trump founded the U.S. Space Force, the first new military service in seventy years.

On Friday, they tweeted about their utility camo uniform.


Now, they’re basically using the same utility uniform as other services because then a new one doesn’t have to be created/paid for.

But this incited a boatload of wags, hyped up on TDS and loaded for bear, ready to mock the “Space Force.”

First one out of the chute was Aaron Rupar, a Vox ‘journalist.’

Many others also revealed their ignorance about the Space Force and/or the military.

Former Obama Director of Office of Government Ethics Walter Shaub, who now spends all his time bashing Trump, apparently didn’t even take a few minutes to understand what he’s talking about.


Even Mr. Sulu weighed in.

First, the “Space Force” doesn’t serve in space, they serve on the ground. What they do and why they became a separate force is protecting our assets in space, things like our satellites. One would think liberals might be more concerned about this since they claim to be concerned about hacking for foreign governments. One of the reasons for the force is to prevent foreign governments from interfering with our satellites or the data they are providing us. Both Russia and China now have “space forces” dedicated to this.

Second, the Space Force will be wearing the same utility uniform as the Army/Air Force fellows they serve with so the military doesn’t have to spend anything designing anything new. You know that thing, saving money, that isn’t so idiotic, except to liberals?

Third, Trump didn’t come up with the idea of the Space Force, it’s been debated for awhile. He just made it a reality because it was a bipartisan belief it would improve our military and our ability to protect American assets.

You can check out a good breakdown of some of the things they would do here.

That information probably takes about five minutes to find out. But hey, why not mock the U.S. military and call them idiots instead because you hate Trump?


Rupar and the TDS-ers got schooled.


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