Check Out This Crazy Video From North Korea, It'll Make You Glad You're an American

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

If you ever are tempted to think that we’re having a difficult time in this country, we do well always to remember what a wonderful thing it is that we live in this country.


Because despite sometimes rampaging liberals and governmental nonsense with which we have to deal, it’s still the greatest country on the face of the earth.

There are times we are more reminded of this than others.

Like watching this video from North Korea, which RT, their friends in propaganda, portrays as a “brilliant performance.”

Well, we don’t really know if it was a brilliant performance as we aren’t allowed to hear it.

But what we can see is parts ridiculous and troubling, all wrapped up in one.

From the overdubbing and 1950s style with the loud, overly enthusiastic narrator to the frantic cult-like crying and jumping up and down of the female soldiers which behavior they are likely required to display.


Meanwhile, fat Kim Jong Un is just sitting there taking it all in, thinking, “This will show the world how adored I am.” When all it really shows it that he treats people like slaves.

And these are likely some of the more “privileged” folks, who get food because they’re performing for him. Unlike the other people in the country he leaves to starve.

This clip is part of a larger documentary program about Kim’s travels around the country throughout 2019.


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