'Sacramental': Media's Crazy Commentary About Walking the Articles to the Senate

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and other Democrats certainly didn’t portray a somber and prayerful posture as they conducted the impeachment ceremony on Wednesday, with Pelosi beaming and handing out souvenir pens to celebrate.


Even CNN called the celebratory mood “jarring” and “off message.” When you lose CNN, it says something.

But alas, media isn’t completely reforming.

Here’s the C-Span video of the House managers walking the articles over to the Senate.

As Grabien shows in a montage of media comments, media went out of the way to tell their audiences, how historical and important this was, even “religious” and “sacramental,” according to MSNBC’s Chris Matthews. Did it give him a tingle up his leg as well?

Now, they are required to walk the articles over and it is history, albeit a travesty of justice. But, “religious?” “Sacramental?”

Matthews, speaking of ritual and sacrament, said, “Pelosi, she’s a real believer in that. I think she’s very reverential.” Except perhaps when she’s making things up out of whole cloth, such as lying about what the Ukraine call transcript says. Media even speculates about statues being erected to these characters. How does one get such a distorted sense of reality?


Yes, there was something historic here, but it’s not what they’re saying. It’s pretty fair to say that no time in the history of our country has there been such an outright effort to undermine and take out a president, first before the election, and then after, not because of actual crimes, but because the opposing party didn’t want to lose power. That’s a horrible stain on our republic and nothing to celebrate or create statues for. It’s the bellwether of a banana republic when such things are allowed without consequence. It’s the very thing our Founders warned against – using the power of impeachment for political gain. They are literally abusing power while they accuse President Donald Trump of abusing his power.

Now, it remains to be seen whether there will be any real legal consequences but we, the electorate, can give them a consequence, at the ballot box.


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