Greg Gutfeld on Dem's Celebration of Impeachment Is Everything: 'Spackling a Turd With Gold Paint'

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

Democrats have been trying to impeach President Donald Trump since he came to office.

Indeed for the past almost three years, that’s literally all they’ve done, they have no other accomplishments to speak of, everything is centered and fixated on their hatred of Trump. Imagine if they’d simply accepted losing and resolved to work on the betterment of the country all this time, rather than spending the time, frankly even before he was elected, trying to take him down? What greater good might have been done? But instead, they’re left with lackluster candidates no one is interested in and this being their only hope to damage Trump.


They finally did get that part of what they wanted and they pulled out all the stops and the ceremony to celebrate it, as we reported earlier. Everything from special souvenir pens (with Nancy Pelosi’s name on it, of course) to remember the occasion to beaming smiles.

Remember how it was supposed to be “solemn” and “prayerful? Today not so much.


Greg Gutfeld was all of us. He just eviscerated the ceremony and the hypocrisy on “The Five.” He was in rare form, just completely ripped them six ways to Sunday.

“This was a ceremony,” Gutfeld said, slamming the Democrats. “This was like a baptism of the Addams Family. Did you notice? They had a silver platter for the pens! And everyone got a special party favor. We are paying for those fricken pens,” Gutfeld declared. Indeed, and everything else in this ridiculous exercise.

“What you saw with that ceremony,” Gutfeld continued, “They were spackling a turd with gold paint. And we’re all suckers for believing this is serious. We know it’s a sham. They say it’s historic. That’s b.s. We know this was an emotional tantrum, directed at “Daddy,” who won the election and they’re mad at Daddy…let’s show pictures of the cloakroom, oh, let’s watch them walk down the halls…let’s repeat it 25 times, over and over until I want to blow my brains out.”


Dana Perino told him he was going to have a “great time” the next two weeks. But he was only getting warmed up. Then he really let loose.

“Here’s four things you’ve got to remember,” he said. “The media controls the narrative…Number two, the Dems and the media have been working on this for three years. This ain’t a moral cause. This is a political vocation to unseat an election. Number three, they don’t hate Trump, they hate you. He’s a proxy for you, because you voted for him. They think you’re a bunch of rubes who didn’t listen to the media. This is their revenge. And last but not least, you gotta store all that anger, and when this is over and they lose, cause they will, you gotta rub their noses in their loss till the day they retire.”

Amen. And vote, vote all of them out like your life and your freedoms depend on it. Because they do.


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