Yashar Ali Calls Out Liberals for Hypocrisy and Ignoring the Iranian Protests

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Yashar Ali, who has family and friends still in Iran, put out a tweetstorm today that is a testimony to the courage of the Iranian protesters and a powerful indictment, not only of the Iranian government, but of the Democrats and their failure to hear or seemingly care about the protesters because it might be inconvenient to the narrative they are pushing.


They’re not just upset that the government was incompetent and shot down the plane, that was bad enough. They’re upset that they were lied to for three days about it, when the government knew from the jump that they did it.

Many also are upset about how the aftermath was handled.


What happened? Protests in the street don’t support the narrative some Dems and media were pushing about all the angry people against Trump and that the shootdown of the plane was somehow Trump’s fault.

Exactly. As we saw with Nancy Pelosi and her response today.

It doesn’t serve their narrative.

This flies in the face of the notion that Iranians are unified against the United States.


Trump didn’t fail to tell the civilian planes to stand down. Trump didn’t incompetently think the plane was a cruise missile and shoot it down. Trump didn’t lie to the people for three days, knowing darn well they did it.

The people of Iran — even some of the hardliners — get it.

The only people who don’t seem to get it or don’t want to communicate it are Democrats and some in our media. That’s shameful. It’s not about Trump, it’s about supporting their right to protest, and you should be supportive of that, whatever side you are on.

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