Media/Dems Beclown Themselves Revising the History of Obama Involvement in Killing of Gaddafi

Barack Obama

Former US President Barack Obama attends a town hall meeting at the ‘European School For Management And Technology’ (ESMT) in Berlin, Germany, Saturday, April 6, 2019. (AP Photo/Michael Sohn)


Democrats and many in blue check media land have been going after the Trump administration for killing IRGC Qasem Soleimani without “congressional approval.”

Trump didn’t need congressional approval as even Obama DHS head Jeh Johnson admitted. There was ample justification – immediate prior attacks on Americans, planned future attacks, designated terrorist, enemy combatant, etc.

Indeed, the argument is just silly and the fact that some are making it shows just how far out they will go if it means having a hook to attack President Donald Trump.

But Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley reminded them about the history of Barack Obama killing, all without any congressional approval. Gidley reminded them about how silent they all were about those actions.

So check the people who don’t appear to know any history. Or simply want to spread a false narrative.


How can they not keep recent history in their heads?

Obama basically got involved in an undeclared war in Libya, bombing in the country for months based on a UN resolution but without any Congressional approval. The U.S. had a predator drone strafe Muammar Gaddafi’s convoy, incapacitating it, allowing U.S. backed rebels on the ground to grab him and kill him. We even had CIA guys who had been on the ground looking for him.

Gaddafi was no imminent threat to the U.S. at that point at all. And it wasn’t about what he’d done to us in the past; it was completely involving us in a civil war to try to pick the winners. And afterward, the country spiraled out of control, just another one of those Obama “non-scandals” and “great successes.”

Many of the same folks going after Trump now were just fine with what Obama did.


Media had no trouble admitting it at the time, even giving Obama credit for it.

Can we ever forget this?

So what’s changed? Do we even have to spell it out?

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