CNN Gives Iranian Who Took Americans Hostage In 1979 a Platform to Push Propaganda

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

A lot of media coverage over the problems with Iran has been shameful, to say the least.

From terming the IRGC terrorist Qasem Soleimani a “warrior philosopher” to running unverified rumor about American deaths on MSNBC, it’s just been a clown show.


So CNN decided they wanted to see if they could dig even lower.

Guess who they invited on their “news” show with Christianne Amanpour on Tuesday to give commentary on the situation and call us terrorists?

Iranian Vice President Massoumeh Ebtekar.

Let’s hear a little bit about who Ebtekar is.

From Daily Caller:

Amanpour also failed to acknowledge that Ebtekar was chief spokeswoman for a group of Iranian students who held 52 American diplomats hostage at the U.S. embassy in Iran for 444 days, from 1979 to 1981.

Ebtekar said in an interview in 1979 during the hostage crisis that she would personally be willing to put a gun to one of the hostages’ heads and pull the trigger.

Ebtekar, 59, serves as vice president of Iran for women and family affairs.

“The American president made a serious miscalculation, they made a serious mistake by assassinating, by taking this terrorist action, against Commander Soleimani, and I’m sure that they regret what they have done,” she said in her interview with Amanpour.


Oh, great. CNN has on a known terrorist to defend another known terrorist.

They allowed her to push propaganda, that the attack on Soleimani is uniting the country (not what Iranians are saying on social media) and that the Iranian government is the “oppressed” one because it fights ISIS.

“This has created a great new spirit in the Islamic Republic of Iran, and in many countries in the world for all those who support freedom seekers, and for those who support the oppressed. Because it’s very clear that Iran is being targeted, and Soleimani was singled out because of this quest for righteousness against Da’esh.”

Here she was back in 1979, confirming she’s an “anti-imperialist” leftist revolutionary, willing to shoot the American hostages in the head for the cause.


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