CEO Claims He Blocked His Parents From Watching Fox News With Parental Controls, Then It Gets Worse

Shutterstock Image shutterstock_370284410

Shutterstock Image shutterstock_370284410

One thing that seems to be fundamentally different between Republican and Democratic thought is that Republicans believe in individual rights while Democrats appear to believe in imposing their beliefs on others, “for the common good,” of course.


Democrats, particularly young Democrats, seem to believe that Republicans are Republicans because of Fox News and if they just got rid of Fox News, then that would solve their problems and everyone would think like them. It’s something you hear constantly on social media from folks on the left: Oh, you think that way because you’ve been indoctrinated from Fox News.

Our friends over at Twitchy picked up an excellent example of this, a tweet from Mohamad Safa, who is the CEO of ‘Patriotic Vision,’ who has about 75,000 followers.

That’s pretty disgusting for someone to do to his parents and he’s basically bragging about it, virtue signaling for clout to his followers.

Except there’s a little more to the story.

Turns out he’s  “saving the country” with someone else’s tweet.


That Twitter user also noted that Safa had other ripped off tweets, even from Dan Rather, who had his own issues with truth.

You can check them here.

Twitchy notes that he complained about being attacked by “racists” but deleted the tweet. But they got it.

Turns out even that one wasn’t quite original either.


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