NY Times and AP Call Iranian-Backed Militia Attacking U.S. Embassy 'Iraqi Mourners'

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As we reported, the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad is under attack by Iranian-backed militias, some of whom are in uniform, even waving Hezbollah flags, saying that the Iranian Quds leader, Qasem Soleimani is their leader.


They’ve burned areas of the compound and are chanting “Death to America” and are trying to break into the main building where the remaining members of the U.S. military and the Iraqi security forces guarding the building are.

Militia are responding to airstrikes on their forces by the U.S. because the militia fired a rocket killing a U.S. contracted and wounding several people.

They’ve threatened to kill everyone they find, which will not end well for them when the U.S. troops respond.

So how are the New York Times and the AP describing these militia men?

Yes, they’re calling them “protesters” and calling it a “spontaneous” protest. Where have we heard that lie before?

But they’re going that one better and actually calling them “Iraqi mourners.”


Can we expect them to blame an offensive video next?

Fortunately, reports are that they got the Ambassador and his staff out, although we know U.S. military is still on site and it’s not clear who else, if anyone, is remaining.

The purpose appears to be to blame the U.S. for the airstrikes to get them stopped and kick the U.S. out.

President Donald Trump is correctly blaming Iran. But trust our media to once again spin.

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