WaPo: The Real Meaning Of Christmas Is That Trump Is Awful

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Jazz Shaw over at Hot Air took the hit for all of us.

He saw a Washington Post article titled, “The True Meaning of Christmas.”

Although he speaks of his “inherently cynical nature,” he “succumbed to a moment of optimism,” he wrote.

Why not give it a look? Perhaps the editors had set aside their partisan rancor for just one day. Maybe they decided to deliver an enlightening message of hope, exhortations to do good, charitable works or simply wish everyone some joy on this special day. Or perhaps just a celebration of the day, such as the one Ed wrote last night. I clicked on the link.

Unfortunately his optimism was unfounded. Because naturally, the TDS was still there and what was Christmas about, even though they mentioned Jesus? Orange Man Bad.

From WaPo:

Most people in the time of Mary and Joseph had little idea of what country they were in, or even of such things as countries. They went where they had to in order to survive and got by as best they could. Yet, out of this particular family, came a figure who gave new hope and moral guidance to much of the world.

So, with Christmas approaching, the president, or one of the elves in the darker reaches of his workshop, came up with a plan to cut the number of refugees admitted to the United States to a record low of 18,000. This despite the fact that most refugees have been thoroughly vetted and offer considerable promise to society. A number of communities welcome them and set them on the path to productive citizenship. This latest needless and probably self-destructive action, like many the president has taken, is the reality behind the mirthless jollity of his “Merry Christmas.”


Yes, people’s “country” structures in the area were a little different at the time, with the things like the Roman Empire. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t have perception as to cities, tribes and empires.

As Streiff wrote, the reason that the Holy Family went to Bethlehem was not because they were homeless or refugees, but because, according to the Luke, they were from the town and lineage of David and had to go to their ancestral village to be registered for the census. The reason they stayed in the stable was because all the other rooms were taken because of others coming for the same reason. When the family fled the edict of Herod, they were fleeing to Egypt, which was another part of the Roman Empire which might be equatable of moving from New Jersey to Virginia, still within the same empire.

It isn’t about the facts, it’s about the TDS and how can Christmas be shoehorned into a narrative.

But even if they had been refugees, Christmas isn’t about how to make Jesus over to fit the WaPo’s hate of Trump. Oddly enough, prior to Trump, there were refugees and after Trump there will still be refugees. Oddly enough, Jesus isn’t about Trump, but about Jesus being born into the world to save man.

In simple, here’s Linus:

But while they’re preaching they might want to check with their reporters about this story.


Some noted there seemed to be something missing from the story that many would have like to have seen.

Now, let’s leave in the hope that maybe the reporters did determine if he really needed it behind the scenes and if he did, they gave it to him, they weren’t just putting that story out there to virtue signal.

But that might be overly optimistic.


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