Thousands of Illegal Aliens Line Up to Get Driver's Licenses After Laws Pass in NY and NJ

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Both New York and New Jersey passed laws this week which allowed illegal aliens to get driver’s licenses.

I know that in order to get a driver’s license I had to meet the “6 points of ID test,” so how do you even do that when you’re an illegal alien?


Here they are celebrating the passage of the law in New Jersey.

Thousands of people were lined up around the block at DMVs.

Some noticed how this just happened to be passed as we go into a big election year.

Some wondered, like me, how do you prove who you are?


According to The Hill, the law allows illegal aliens to use foreign-issued documents to prove their identity and age, and would not require a valid Social Security number to obtain a driver’s license in the state. One of the many challenges to the law was a logical one: how do you determine the “foreign issued documents” are even real? You’re already talking about people who broke the law to get here or stay here.

The Fiscal Policy Institute estimates that 250,000 illegal immigrants, half of those located in New York, will obtain a driver’s license in the next three years, reports the Washington Examiner.

And if they’re able to stand on line to get a license, what’s stopping them from applying to come and/or stay legally?

But Bongino Report finished off this whole mess with a great observation.

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