How Low Can You Go? Adam Schiff Shows Us, As He Smears Carter Page, 'It's Hard to Be Sympathetic' to Him

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

The recently released IG report confirmed that Trump campaign adviser Carter Page had been wrongly and unfairly surveilled by the FBI.


The report concluded that the warrant applications for Page relied largely on the unverified Steele Dossier, that some information give to the court had been manipulated and was knowingly false, and that exculpatory information and the fact that it was funded by the DNC and the Clinton team was left out. Even after all that, the IG found that the surveillance yielded nothing and the IG didn’t know why they continued with it. In other words, it should have long since stopped, but it continued.

One of the most shocking parts of the abuse was that an FBI lawyer changed an email from the CIA saying that Carter Page had been an asset for them to say that in fact he had not been an asset and communicated that as part of the application. It’s hard not be completely appalled at that and not find that to have evil motivation.

Now anyone who cares about American freedoms and rights should be troubled by the affront that is to those rights and to all Americans.

But it’s also a violation of the rights of Carter Page, and we should care about his rights, because tomorrow, it might be any of us. At least that’s the way most Americans feel.

Not Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA). When you think of a how low can a person go, it would be hard to go lower than Schiff.


During an interview on Firing Line on PBS, host Margaret Hoover said that Page felt that his good name had been permanently damaged by this whole fiasco and she asked Schiff if he felt any sympathy for him.

His answer beggared belief, he still tried to smear him, suggesting he worked for the Kremlin.

Schiff claimed that Page “dissembled” during his testimony before Congress, “denied things we knew were true” and “later had to admit them during his testimony.” Schiff told Hoover. “It’s hard to be sympathetic to someone who isn’t honest with you when he comes and testifies under oath. It’s also hard to be sympathetic when you have someone who has admitted to being an adviser to the Kremlin.”

Wait, what?

Hoover quickly jumps in with what Schiff left out of that description, that he was doing so while being an informant for the CIA. “But then was also informing the CIA,” Hoover said.

“Yes, yes,” Schiff says quickly, having been brought up short. He just did exactly what the FBI did to page, falsely leave out the CIA relationship to make Page look bad again.


“Who was both targeted by the KGB but also talking to the United States and its agencies and that should have been included, made clear, and it wasn’t, according to the inspector general,” Schiff then conceded.

As the Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross points out, it’s unlikely that’s true or Page would have been nailed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. He also observes that the only reason that Congress was interviewing Page to begin with was because of the unfair FISA process employed by the FBI using the Steele Dossier.

Maybe Schiff should feel some remorse for how the DNC/Clinton team funded smear was so harmful to the country and to Page.

Furthermore, maybe Schiff should feel a little personal remorse for allowing this to go on when he had reason to know the truth more than a year ago when they found out about the FISA abuse. Yet Schiff kept pretending and pushing things he knew were likely false.


Page responded to Schiff’s comments on Firing Line

The former Trump adviser blasted Schiff, as “even more untrustworthy and dangerous with his misuse of [Democratic National Committee] lies” than the FBI lawyer who lied about Page not being a CIA asset.

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