CNN Anchor Brooke Baldwin: Trump Should Listen When AOC Warns We Only Have 12 Years Left

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

Here’s another example of CNN not “rooting for a side,” as CNN’s Chris Cillizza would say.

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin who knocks President Donald Trump constantly took issue with his comments during his rally in Battle Creek, Michigan this week.


She criticized his comment about dishwashers and painted it as though it were crazy and somehow sexist. And if you listen to this, how was this “news?” It was a straight out Trump bashing opinion segment.

Maybe Baldwin lives in a bubble that never had any dishwasher issues, but many regular people in life have all had issues with the dishwasher with cleaning or water level.

Funny, if she’s actually looking for a crazy speech, she could look at Joe Biden’s comments about kids stroking his leg hair and loving how kids used to jump into his lap when he was a lifeguard at the pool. But she’d never run an actual crazy rant because it’s from a Democrat and yes, Chris, you folks do choose a side.

She continued on saying that if Trump really wanted to, he should listen to what women had to say about pay and climate change, according to the Free Beacon.

“Instead of focusing on what women tell you, let’s talk about when they speak why you should listen,” Baldwin said. “When women tell you that they make 80 cents on a dollar compared to a man, when women tell you we only have 12 years left to avoid a climate disaster.”

The “12 years” is a reference to a claim Ocasio-Cortez made earlier this year that “the world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change.” [….]

“When your wife tells you and the country, ‘be best’ instead of degrading women, Mr. President, please listen,” Baldwin said.


How about we don’t believe things that aren’t true, just because a woman says it?

Women can be just as wrong as men, as Baldwin herself proves.

The “gender wage gap” claim has been debunked again and again. But that doesn’t stop people on the left like Baldwin from making (and dispensing with objective journalism on the subject).

Do we really only have 12 years left? Please submit your scientific proof. I’ll wait. Because mark it, and come back in 12 years (and it’s really more like 11 at this point since AOC said it). Because the science does not support that the world is going to end or is on the verge of extinction in 12 years because of climate change.

But that’s just it. “We must listen!” because Democrats demand it. Yet, it isn’t true at all. Not in the slightest. Yet no facts are required to make the assertion and get CNN behind you, demanding that you be taken seriously by the president.

But maybe that allows her to avoid talking about other things – like how the president has helped all Americans with a better economy and jobs.


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