Trump Laughs At Impeachment At Michigan Rally: 'I'm Having a Great Time'

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

Democrats are waking up to the realization this morning that despite their complete party line vote of their politicians in the House, that Donald Trump is still president.


The Senate is unlikely to remove him given the lack of evidence and the unfair case put forth by House Democrats.

So now Democrats are considering sitting on the Articles of Impeachment they passed and not sending them to the Senate. Then Trump doesn’t get the vindication of being acquitted in a Senate trial and perhaps so they can get more evidence to flesh out their case with more information coming in from subpoenas or the court deciding on those subpoenas. That very statement about waiting on the court is an acknowledgement by the Democrats that their obstruction article has no validity and also that they don’t have the evidence now, despite their votes.

The main reason they seem to have done it seems to have been in a cave to their leftist base, who was screaming for impeachment.

Why did the left want it, even knowing that they wouldn’t prevail in the Senate? Here’s a sample:

For the “feels.”

So let’s take a look at how Trump’s reacting. Trump knows that impeaching him is likely to jazz up the Republican base, as well as independents who don’t like what Democrats have done to the whole process, and that’s good for him come the election.


He was definitely in good form, not looking at all upset, folks on the left, so you may have failed in your effort.

First, Trump laid out how Democrats were violating their oath of office and “cheapening” the concept of impeachment, against how the Founders intended it to be used. “You are the ones who are interfering in America’s elections,” Trump declared.

Indeed, he seemed to wear it as a badge of honor, noting “I don’t know about you but I’m having a great time.”

“So lucky I took you on this fantastic journey,” he laughed with the rally crowd. “It’s so much fun. It doesn’t really feel like we’re being impeached,” he said, as the crowd laughed and cheered in agreement.


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