Judge Michael Mukasey: Here's Bias the IG Missed and Schiff May Have Violated the Law by Subpoenaing Call Records

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video


Former Attorney General and former federal judge Michael Mukasey appeared on Fox Futures with Maria Bartiromo and dropped some bombshell points that haven’t gotten a lot of attention.


First, Mukasey pointed to one big glaring piece of evidence that showed bias by the FBI when it came to the Trump/Russia probe that he explained hadn’t been included in either of the two IG reports that have been released.

Mukasey explained that among the texts between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page was one that spoke about ending the investigation against Hillary Clinton faster because Trump was going to be the nominee.

Mukasey said that was clear evidence of bias. He acknowledged that the IG didn’t have subpoena power and so basically had to take people at their word. But he said U.S. Attorney John Durham did have that power and would not be so restricted in looking at such evidence.

Maria Bartiromo brings up another point — that there’s other evidence that the probe began long before the date of July 31 that the FBI has claimed and that the IG basically just accepted. She noted that there was evidence it actually went back to at least March. Mukasey confirms that July 31 wasn’t the start date, observing that former FBI Director James Comey was briefing about Carter Page in June.

Durham has already indicated he is disputing the IG finding of the July 31 start date because he has access to more evidence than did the IG.

But then they got down to Rep. Adam Schiff’s actions in regard to the call records that he published in his impeachment report, including call records of the ranking member Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) and a member of his staff, investigative journalist John Solomon, and the personal attorneys of the president, Rudy Giuliani and Jay Sekulow.


It has been reported that Schiff got the records by subpoenaing the records of five people including Giuliani and that those records included in the report came as a result of those people subpoenaed, not necessarily because Nunes or Solomon’s records were themselves subpoenaed. However because Schiff has not clarified who was subpoenaed or why, we don’t know.

Mukasey blasted that, saying that Congress doesn’t actually have the power under the law to subpoena records directly from the phone company. The judge said you can only get them if you’re law enforcement or if the company is trying to save someone’s life. Neither of which would give permission to Congress or Adam Schiff to get them. Mukasey suggested that if Schiff had done that he may have committed a crime. Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) has already said that he intends to sue over the records and the clear attempt by Schiff to try to smear the folks whose records were included.

Mukasey said it was very problematic if Congress is able to go to the provider and just get people’s records and that we deserve answers from Schiff.


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