Antifa Riots Against Police After Huge Conservative Win in Britain

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

There are a lot of parallels to our political struggles going on in Britain.

Do you recall how the Antifa riots after President Donald Trump won? How they actually rioted and destroyed things in Washington, D.C. when Trump was inaugurated?


Well, the radical leftists who can’t take losing were at it in Britain too, after the huge Conservative win.

This gives you an idea of how badly they lost.

They took to the streets of London, chanting “Not my prime minister” about Boris Johnson and “Tory scum off our streets, Nazi scum off our streets!”

Who are the fascists who can’t deal with people who think differently then they do? It’s these jokers.

In case you didn’t catch it, in addition to the Antifa flag with the red flag (Communist) and black flag (anarchy), they also carried signs of the Socialist Workers Party.

They also attacked the police, a common feature of their actions.


All the same leftist rhetoric we hear here, including the deep hatred of the police.

Proving exactly why people were right to vote for the Conservatives.

Hopefully, that’s a foreshadowing of what will happen here.


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