There Goes That Narrative: Office of Management and Budget Releases Legal Memo Says Delay in Ukraine Aid Is Routine

The Office of Management and Budget released a memo that hasn’t gotten a lot of attention yet.

But it pokes a big hole in the impeachment claims against President Donald Trump.


One of the major claims of the Democrats behind impeachment is that the President withheld aid to the Ukrainians in exchange for them promising investigations into the Bidens. Democrats have not adduced any fact witnesses to support this claim. Indeed the witnesses all said there was no such linkage made to them by Trump. The Ukrainians also confirmed that. But that hasn’t stopped Democrats in their quest to impeach.

The memo noted that holding such aid was a routine practice while undergoing review.

From Daily Wire:

OMB general counsel Mark Paoletta issued the memo as a response to a request for information on why the aid was withheld, a request that came from the U.S. Government Accountability Office.

In the memo, Paoletta wrote: “For decades, OMB has routinely used its apportionment authority to prevent funds from being used. Often, in managing appropriations, OMB must briefly pause an agency’s legal ability to spend those funds for a number of reasons, including to ensure that the funds are being spent efficiently, that they are being spent in accordance with statutory directives, or to assess how or whether funds should be used for a particular activity.”

The memo reportedly stated that the aid was put on hold due to an administration directive “pending a policy decision,” and discussions about how to proceed with the aid were set for mid-June.

The Post added, “The memo says that ‘at no point during the pause’ did Defense Department attorneys tell OMB the Ukrainian funding would be prevented from being spent before the end of the year.”



Yet this is what they’re trying to impeach over?

It didn’t even have to be cut until September when it was, in fact, cut. The Ukrainians didn’t even know there was any possible delay until a Politico article spoke about it in August. That leak in August, which still hasn’t been explained could have jeopardized our relationship with Ukraine. As witnesses testified during the hearing, the aid cut the prior year, 2018, didn’t even reach them until October 2019. That’s the normal practice and that’s why there was no stoppage in the actual aid reaching them.

But it isn’t really about facts or anything Trump has actually done, it’s just about an impeachment excuse.


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