Nunes Drops the Hammer on Schiff: Call Records in Impeachment Report 'Don't Match', Going to Sue

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

When House Intel Chair Adam Schiff (D-CA) revealed that he had secured records that included the calls of a number of people including the Republican ranking member of his committee, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), Republicans were outraged. Nunes called it a “gross abuse of power.”


We previously reported that Schiff obtained the information about the calls of a variety of people including Nunes by subpoenaing the records of five people, including Rudy Giuliani, from ATT and Verizon. Other people whose calls turned up among the records published in the report included “presidential lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Jay Sekulow, Nunes, journalist John Solomon, Fox News host Sean Hannity, indicted Giuliani associate Lev Parnas, National Security Council aide and former Nunes staffer Kash Patel, lawyer Victoria Toensing,” according to the Washington Examiner.

Such actions are particularly shocking given the political nature and information pertaining to the president’s personal attorneys, a journalist and the ranking member and what seems a clear attempt to smear people who are not accused of any crime and without any evidence.

Kim Strassel pointed to those who also raised legal questions about what was done.


Now that Nunes has had more of an opportunity to check his own records of his calls, he just dropped a bombshell – that the records in the report which Schiff claims are his do not match Nunes’ records.

Not only that, Nunes said, but he also intends to sue Schiff, that he’s going to call out Schiff’s whole process for trying to grab the records.

Here’s what Nunes told Fox.

From Fox News:

Appearing on “Fox & Friends: Weekend” with hosts Pete Hegseth, Lisa Boothe, and Ed Henry, Nunes said he’s been under fire for three years because Republicans “continue to expose corruption,” citing Democrats “unmasking Trump transition officials” and “funding the dossier” to obtain a FISA warrant on Carter Page.

“And then, of course, over the two weeks before Thanksgiving, I think they were embarrassed by their lack of evidence they were able to present through the hearings,” he said. “So, what happened is, the Friday before Thanksgiving, this fake news story drops about me supposedly being in Vienna. And then we get back from Thanksgiving and then — lo and behold — my name along with one of my current staff people…and a former staff person, all of a sudden our civil liberties are violated because our phone records show up in this report.”

He said that he had one calls with Rudy Giuliani and got what he thought was an incoming call from someone he assumed was Parnas’ wife whose name he didn’t recognize.


“So, did you ever have a substantive conversation with Lev Parnas about information in Ukraine — yes or no?” Henry probed further.

“I didn’t recognize the name until just in the last month when he was indicted, because I didn’t know who the person was,” said Nunes. “I can tell you that there’s no way that I talked about me being in Vienna meeting with random Ukrainians; that didn’t happen. Right? So, I can tell you we didn’t talk about that because that didn’t happen.”

Nunes said that Schiff is “in touch” with Parnas all the time, and if there’s a “problem with Parnas” they need to “investigate themselves.”

“I believe I am the first member of Congress ever to have [my] phone records exposed like this,” Nunes exclaimed. “We’re definitely going to take legal action.”

He said, “We need to get to court to try to stop that from happening again.”


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