Biden Claims 'Nobody Warned' Him of Conflict, He 'Didn't Know' Hunter Was on Board, but Facts Say Otherwise

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

Joe Biden did a bevy of interviews this weekend, in which he was asked the inevitable question about his son Hunter’s business dealings on the board of the Ukrainian gas company, Burisma.


But he wasn’t able to give a satisfactory answer to the question. Indeed, his answers created even more questions.

Here he is being interviewed by Telemundo’s Jose Diaz Balart.

Diaz Balart makes the point that Hunter was making $50-80,000 per month while Joe was the Vice President (and the point man on Ukraine). Diaz Balart also made an important point about Hunter being on the board of a company partnered with a Chinese state-controlled entity. Burisma also had a foreign government connection with the founder/owner being a Ukrainian minister.

But Joe Biden saw nothing wrong with that and no conflict.

Biden also did an interview with NPR that was published on Sunday. In it, he said that he would refuse to comply with any subpoena to testify before the Senate about Ukraine, his son or his son’s business dealings, saying he didn’t want people to “take the eye off the ball” – that is be distracted from getting President Donald Trump.

According to Democrats it was obstruction that Trump dared to challenge them in the courts. So sure sounds like it would be obstruction if he refused, according to Democratic standards.


Biden also claimed that “Nobody warned me about a potential conflict of interest” concerning his son. When the interviewer pointed out his staff was in fact apprised of the potential conflict by State Department official George Kent, Biden blamed his staff and said “no one told me.” Is he kidding? He has to be told that’s a conflict of interest, when he’s the point man on Ukraine for the Obama administration? If he has to be told that, that would be indicative of an even greater problem.

Two big problems with that.

Number one, he was apprised, in fact, by Adam Hochstein. So what Biden said is untrue.

Number two, he’s been repeatedly told about conflicts of interest involving Hunter, even as far back as 2008. In this interview with Tom Brokaw in 2008, he goes into that same “no one has said anything, nothing wrong was done” spiel:


And questions have been specifically raised about Hunter being on the Burisma board virtually since he was appointed to the board in April 2014.

Here are reporters asking questions from May 2014 with responses from Biden’s spokesperson and VP office.

Despite that, here’s Biden during an interview last month with PBS saying he didn’t even know that Hunter was on the board.

Really? Joe, your office knew since May 2014, a month after he was appointed. You had a conversation with your son about Burisma, as he confirmed to the New Yorker, in December 2015, when Hunter was preparing a trip to Ukraine. “Dad said, ‘I hope you know what you are doing,’ and I said, ‘I do.’”

Why is Biden now seemingly falsely suggesting he was ignorant of this? Why is he falsely claiming no one told him about any possible conflicts?

Biden also spoke to Axios in an interview running this weekend. Biden insisted he had no idea about what his son did, even now, despite all the controversy it has caused. Biden also stated he had no interest in finding out. Despite that, he insisted it had to be appropriate because he “trusted his son.” Then he tried to deflect to the Trump family.


He’s had an incredible amount of time to prepare to answer these questions and his answers are still horrible.


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