CNN's Ana Navarro Praises Biden for Attack on Voter He Called a 'Liar,' 'Fat' and 'Too Old'

[Screenshot from Politico,]

[Screenshot from Politico,]

How deep in the pocket of Democrats are the media?

Well, when you’re praising candidates like Joe Biden for attacking voters, that’s pretty bad.


Biden lost it on a Warren supporter who asked him about his son Hunter and selling access to the presidency.

Biden called him a “damn liar,” claiming no one had ever said his son had done anything wrong. He also said to him “look, fat” causing children who were present to be astonished and laugh. When the man said he had “heard about it on TV” meaning the Hunter story, Biden looked at him disparagingly and said, “I know you do” and then said by the way, he, Biden, wasn’t sedentary, again seeming to be taking a swipe at the man over his weight. At one point, Biden even said the voter was “too old to vote for me.”


There are real questions about Hunter Biden and his father’s influence. Insulting the voters if they dare ask the questions isn’t going to cut it to most Americans.

But apparently for media like CNN’s Ana Navarro and at least one of the ladies on “The View”, it’s just great. She actually praised Biden’s attack, saying it was good that he got “some practice” in calling out lies.

From Daily Caller:

“I loved it,” Navarro responded. “I really did. I have known Joe Biden for a long time, and this is Joe Biden. He is scrappy Joe Biden from Scranton and he has to do this. The truth is I’m glad he’s getting some practice calling out damn lies because if he wins the primary, he’s going to be running against a damn liar.”

The audience roared, and then Sunny Hostin weighed in. “I liked it as well. I think any parent that’s out there knows what was going on because I’m known as being very measured as a person and on this show. But you talk about my kids, you’re going to get the wrath of Khan,” she added.


The acknowledgement that “this is Joe Biden” is not a good admission when he’s literally insulting voters. Imagine if President Donald Trump had done this? We’d never hear the end of it and parts wouldn’t be clipped out as they were by “The View.”

This is how much respect liberal media has for voters.


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