Watch: Dem Witness Noah Feldman Testify He Was 'Impeachment Skeptic' Despite Prior History Calling for Impeachment

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video


Republicans did a great job during the impeachment hearings on Wednesday when Democrats called three law professors to push their narrative.


Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) decimated Stanford Law professor Pamela Karlan after she misrepresented what President Donald Trump said on the July 25th Ukraine call, calling into question her credibility.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) blasted Karlan for invoking the name of 13-year-old Barron Trump to support her false point that Trump was acting like a king by abusing power.

Gaetz also pointed out how ridiculous it was to call any of these witnesses because none of them were fact witnesses. They were only there to help the impeachment spin to the American public.

But we don’t want to miss another point where one of the Democratic witnesses got nailed for being false.

As we previously reported, Harvard Law professor Noah Feldman has a history of calling for Trump’s impeachment pretty much since just after he was elected. Just another example of the bias from the “experts” called by the Democrats.


But during his testimony, he indicated quite the opposite while under questioning from Gaetz. He claimed until the Ukraine call he was an “impeachment skeptic.”

This from a guy who even thought that Trump tweeting about Obama wiretapping people was impeachable, potentially.

That’s not a “skeptic,” that’s someone who sees impeachment around every corner and in every Trump breath.

That’s where Democrats have led us with this craziness.

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