Crazy: Jonathan Turley Is Inundated With Threats After Testifying for Republicans on Impeachment

George Washington University Law School professor Jonathan Turley testifies during a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee on the constitutional grounds for the impeachment of President Donald Trump, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2019. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Democrats are desperate to get rid of President Donald Trump.

Some realize in reality that they wouldn’t be able to remove him once they reach sanity in the Senate. But others have completely lost it in the belief that he’s an existential threat who they must get out at all costs.

This prompts an attack on any reality or anyone who may bring some sanity into the equation, such as George Washington law professor Jonathan Turley did on Wednesday.

Turley, who is not a Republican and didn’t vote for Trump, testified that nothing rose to the level of an impeachable offense in his opinion. He noted the process was rushed and there wasn’t evidence to support any charge. Defendants haven’t even made a formal charge as yet.

But that was too much for some crazy people on the left who threatened him at his home and office, and besieged his university with calls to fire him for daring to speak out for the truth.

From Washington Examiner:

“My call for greater civility and dialogue may have been the least successful argument I made to the committee. Before I finished my testimony, my home and office were inundated with threatening messages and demands that I be fired from George Washington University for arguing that, while a case for impeachment can be made, it has not been made on this record,” he wrote in his newest column in the Hill on Thursday.


Turley had called out that anger as part of the problem of the impeachment process again in an article in The Hill about his testimony.

I remain concerned that we are lowering impeachment standards to fit a paucity of evidence and an abundance of anger. Trump will not be our last president. What we leave in the wake of this scandal will shape our democracy for generations to come, and “agitated passions” will not be a substitute for proof in an impeachment. We currently have too much of the former and too little of the latter.

This is reprehensible to threaten this man.

Democrats own a lot of this for stoking this anger for the past three years because they lost. They should condemn such threats and call for support for Turley’s right to speak. But I wouldn’t count on it.


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