Climate Cultists Storm Field During Harvard-Yale Game, It Ends With Arrests

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Climate change cultists seem intent upon disrupting wherever they can.

They did that again today at the Harvard-Yale football game.


The game came to a halt during halftime when protesters rushed the field and refused to leave, sitting in the middle of the field and unfurling banners about fighting “climate injustice.”

They were demanding that the Ivy League divest from fossil fuels and cancel Puerto Rican debt.

When the halftime ended and they were still on the field, hundreds more streamed onto the field with some chanting against fossil fuels and the PA announcer begging them to leave.

Finally, after about an hour, police made their move sweeping the field from one sideline to the other to get people off. Anyone remaining after that, was arrested. A couple of dozen were tied together, two at a time, and led away by the police.

And the climate continued merrily on, not in the least bit affected by their antics.


They did get some support from the usual suspects.

50 years? Don’t we only have about 9-12 years left? Or was it 15 months now?


As former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino tweeted, “If we haven’t yet reached peak stupid, then we are assuredly about to cross the event horizon.”


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