Author And Fox Show Believe Mystery of Jimmy Hoffa Finally Solved after 44 Years

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

44 years ago, Teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa disappeared from outside Machus Red Fox restaurant in Bloomfield Township, Michigan.

People have pondered the question of what happened to him for decades.


Now, Dan Moldea, the author of “The Hoffa Wars” believes he’s figured it out.

From Detroit News:

From there, Moldea says, Hoffa was taken to a location in Detroit, where he was murdered, placed in a 55-gallon drum, loaded onto a Gateway Transportation truck, then driven to New Jersey.

Moldea says Hoffa’s body was disposed of in a former landfill called “Brother Moscato’s Dump,” a toxic waste site bordered by the Hackensack River. The dumpsite was targeted for cleanup by the EPA during the late 1970s and 1980s. Most of the land is now a public park and a wildlife refuge, he said.

“Brother Moscato’s Dump” was also known as the PJP Landfill: “P” for owner Philip “Brother” Moscato, a member of the Vito Genovese crime family; “J” for local political figure John Hanley; and “P” for businessman Paul Cappola. Moscato allegedly worked under Anthony Provenzano of New Jersey, one of two mobsters Hoffa expected to meet on the day he disappeared.


Moldea says he was able to get the information from Moscato before he died in 2014.

“He revealed that Hoffa’s body was buried at the dump and that Sal Briguglio, another associate of Provenzano and one of Moscato’s closest friends, killed Hoffa,” Moldea said.

Moldea further confirmed it from the information he’d gotten from Cappola and Moscato over the years, as well as information Moldea got from Paul Cappola’s son, Frank. Frank said he’d heard his father talking about a big hole they dug in 1975 at PJP and then later in 1989 he and his father happened to be at the location when he said “This is where Jimmy Hoffa is buried.” On his deathbed in 2008, Paul Cappola allegedly told Frank more about what happened to the body.

“We went together on Sept. 29, where he gave me a 45-minute tour of the area and it culminates at the spot of where Hoffa’s buried… It was breathtaking, quite a moment,” Moldea said. “It’s the size of a little league baseball diamond.”

Moldea said Cappola listed what his father told him in a sworn declaration and is willing to take a polygraph test and show the FBI the exact location. He said they have not approached the FBI.


The FBI said they’d be willing to look if they deemed the information credible. They’ve been down the road before, following multiple leads where he was allegedly buried, even the rumor that he was buried in the end zone of Giants Stadium in New Jersey. But they’ve had no luck.

Here’s more from Fox’s Eric Shawn who has also been looking at the case and who quotes Phil Moscato, Jr. whose story seems to tailor with that of Frank Cappola.


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