Elise Stefanik Gets Trump Praise, Donations After Left Tries to Take Her Down for Standing Up to Schiff

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) came under withering attack for daring to stand up to House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff (D-CA)

Stefanik called him out for trying to shut down her questioning of a witness during the impeachment hearings as well as the lack of transparency and the way he has conducted the hearings.


In response she was attacked by George Conway, a fervent anti-Trump person but also the husband of Kellyanne Conway counselor to the president. Conway said Stefanik was “lying trash,” promoted a fake picture of her and encouraged people to donate money to her opponent. As a result, some on the left like Chrissy Teigen, Joan Walsh and Hollywood liberals attacked Stefanik calling her trash, they started a hashtag “TrashyStefanik” and donated money to her opponent, Tedra Cobb. Cobb claimed that she had received a million dollars over a few days.

But it turns out that the effort to attack her may have only served to stiffen her resolve, the resolve of her supporters and raised her profile.

She continued to show how empty the Democratic claims were, pointing out how the witnesses testified there was no quid pro quo, no bribery or any impeachable offense.


She announced that she had been able to raise $500,000 in just two hours on Thursday night so it sounds like if people keep it up they can far outstrip the donations to her opponent.

On top of that, she was praised by President Donald Trump on “Fox and Friends” as a new rising Republican “star” for standing up for the truth.

But crazy leftists are still at it, trending another hashtag against her today. All because she stood up for fair process. They really have an issue with strong women and don’t see the hypocrisy of trying to attack a woman by calling her “trash.”


Here’s the producer of “The Ellen Show” promoting more efforts against her.

But they don’t seem to get how carpet-bagging Hollywood support from out of the state didn’t help people when they tried it before with Beto O’Rourke, Jon Ossoff and others. Hopefully, it means they’re just burning their money.

Stefanik won by 14 points against Tedra Cobb in NY’s 21st district in 2018.


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