Triggered Leftist Students Verbally and Physically Attack at Chico, Block Students From Seeing Ann Coulter at UC Berkeley

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

Colleges and universities used to be halls of learning, which you went to open your mind and expand your understanding of the world.


Now, it seems that they have become places that restrict speech, enforce rigidity and conformity of thought and try to enforce that by punitive measures or other students trying to shut down anyone who bucks that orthodoxy.

What these schools are producing as a result is people unable to deal with anyone who thinks differently or any speech that might “offend” them.

Here are two prime examples.

First, students at California State University at Chico (Chico State).

Here a student dares to stand with an “All Lives Matter” sign. That was too much for the woman he was standing next to with the “Black Lives Matter” sign, who then hits him with her sign.

Warning for language:

Well, that’s a battery. And she’s upset that he “sacrificed her safety” while she hits him. And the other students lose it too, with no sense that their behavior is wrong because only their opinion matters.


Second, students at U.C. Berkeley.

Ann Coulter was invited to speak. Not only did some on the left not like that she was speaking at the university and protest, they didn’t want to allow anyone else to hear her speak either.

So they locked arms and physically blocked other students from trying to get in to hear her, screaming and cursing at those who tried.

Warning for language:

And yet these same folks who apparently have no sense of history would claim that they are “anti-fascist” as they attack or physically try to enforce their will.

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