Brilliant Self-Own: Kamala Harris Says Vote for Me Because I Took on 'Sessions, Barr and Kavanaugh'

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Is it not obvious that the Presidential campaign of Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) has just completely run aground?

Well if it wasn’t obvious by last night, it certainly was after her debate performance when she executed a perfect self-own.


Part of the problem with Kamala is that the more people see of her, the more they don’t like her. Or her flip flops.

But she tried again to present her case as to why Democrats should nominate her.

“I have taken on Jeff Sessions, I’ve taken on Bill Barr, and I’ve taken on Brett Kavanaugh.”

But all those people were correctly confirmed, as many noted.


And the effort to smear good qualified people purely for politics is not a good look or something to brag about. But she used the opportunity, with an eye toward raising her profile in order to run for president.

Not only did she fail to stop their confirmations, she got called out by the WaPo with four Pinocchios and Politifact for lying during her attack against Kavanaugh.

Is that really what she wants us to pay attention to?

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