'Feminists' Chrissy Teigen and Joan Walsh Launched Hypocritical Attack on Elise Stefanik, but She Persisted

Now, everyone knows, had a man had the audacity to call a Democratic female member of Congress “trash,” media and the left would be all over it, saying that the man was being misogynistic and anti-woman.


But when it comes to someone calling a Republican woman “trash,” apparently not only is that not objectionable, it’s even good and to be encouraged, according to those on the left.

Never Trumper George Conway (who is known for his hatred of President Donald Trump while also being married to Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president) attacked Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) calling her “lying trash.”

Stefanik had the temerity to stand-up to House Intel Chair Adam Schiff (D-CA) when he wouldn’t allow the ranking member, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) to yield her the balance of his time to question Marie Yovanovitch.

Conway falsely claimed she was lying about “not being able to talk” and called for people to donate money to her rival.

He was apparently furious that her questioning exposed the holes in the case against Trump and that was the real problem.

But Stefanik never said she wasn’t able to talk at all, she was saying that Schiff failed to recognize her in what would be normal process to cut off her ability to question the witness. His excuse was the resolution that gave him dictatorial powers to which no Republican agreed.


Conway also shared a fake picture of her, which showed her giving the camera the finger at the end of the hearing. He later deleted it but not before appearing to justify sharing it anyway.

Stefanik leveled him saying she’d never been called trash before, he needed help and her opponent could have him.

So, what was the left’s response to that? What did some famous “feminists” do?

Call her trash some more, other vile things and help get “TrashyStefanik” trending on Twitter.

The attacks on her are vile including calling her a “traitor.” A lot of people allegedly did donate to her rival, Tedra Cobb, who claimed that she now has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars because of the incident.

Really, nothing says how much of a “feminist” you are like calling a woman trash and inciting others to do so too.


Indeed, the vitriol is astounding. But it’s because she’s exposing the emptiness of the case. And they know it. They’re upset that a young Republican woman would expose it and they want to shut her up.

But she persisted.

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