Vile: George Conway Attacks Rep. Elise Stefanik, Calls Her 'Lying Trash'

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) really lit it up with great questions of former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch on Friday.

Folks on the right praised her persistence, having to deal with the efforts of House Intel Committee Chair Adam Schiff (D-CA) trying to shut her down when she was yielded time by Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), the ranking member, and then bringing out two great points when she had her own time questioning – that under the Obama administration, U.S. officials had concerns and asked questions about Hunter Biden and Burisma and defensive lethal aid was provided to Ukraine not by the Obama Administration, but by the Trump Administration. Stefanik also hammered home Schiff’s conflicting statements about the whistleblower, with Schiff first arguing it was important that the whistlelower be heard from, but after questions about his bias and contacts with Schiff emerged, Schiff saying the whistleblower didn’t need to testify.

But the true measure of how well she did was how angry the left was in response and how she was trashed by those on the left. Literally.

Here’s Lawfare Executive Editor and CNN legal analyst Susan Hennessey saying that Stefanik had “trashed” her reputation.

Yeah, she should have just given way to a guy. What?

But even that was mild compared to the person who really flipped out, George Conway, the Never Trump husband of Kellyanne Conway, whose hatred of Trump is well-known.

He lost it on her completely, calling her “lying trash.”

If he wasn’t anti-Trump, Democrats would even now be calling him a misogynist. But because he is, it’s all good and they’re supporting him.

Conway is either ignorant or lying about Stefanik. Republicans didn’t say she wasn’t allowed to talk at all, they said she was shut down, improperly by Schiff, when Nunes tried to yield her the balance of his time, a normal practice of the House. But Schiff claimed this violated the October 31 resolution that allowed him dictatorial powers of the proceeding and was itself outside the norms of practice.

How vile to not only to attack to Stefanik, but to be so filled with hate as to tell people to donate to her opponent, a person who claims “social justice” is her life’s purpose and who believes employers are required to provide a “living wage” as a requirement and that access to healthcare and education is a “civil right.”

It’s one thing to not want to vote for Trump, it’s another to actively work for leftists to take power and won’t shouldn’t pretend one is “conservative” when one does so.

Matt Whitlock has a solution to that.

HT: Twitchy, Legal Insurrection