Dem Leader: Give Trump Credit, He's Done More to 'Punch Back' at Russia Than Bush, Obama

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

President Donald Trump is simply not given the credit by a mostly antagonistic media for the things he has achieved, from helping to build an incredible economy to actually taking concrete and substantive steps to further American interests on other domestic and foreign policy.


But in a case of very interesting timing, he just got some important praise from a very unexpected source, Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) the vice-chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Warner was being interviewed on PBS’ “Firing Line” with Margaret Hoover on Friday when he gave Trump credit for allowing the U.S. to “punch back” and use its “offensive capabilities” in response to Russian cyber attacks, saying that it was a lot better under Trump than under Barack Obama or George Bush.

From Daily Wire:

“There are two main issues: There is the integrity of the election infrastructure, and then there’s the disinformation campaigns,” Hoover said. “In your view, which is more important?”

“I think they’re equally important and I think we have gotten better in both areas,” Warner responded. “To give the Trump administration some credit here, [they allowed] for us to punch back in the cyber domain, which, both under Obama and Bush, we were reluctant to do.”

“You just said you want to give the Trump administration credit for going on the offense in the cyber domain,” Hoover responded. “There are reports that, in 2018, the United States took an offensive posture in cyber and actually was able to shut down Russian troll farms.”

“I’m not going to comment on the specifics,” Warner responded. “I can’t comment on things that fall into the intelligence realm, in terms of specific actions. What I can comment on is that President Trump made it easier for the United States government to use some of our offensive capabilities.”


He indicated that for decades there was a fear to go offensive because of possible retaliation. So basically the U.S. didn’t, which is a pretty ridiculous response. But that was the hallmark of the Obama administration, the failure to ever pull the trigger.

“Consequently, I feel like, for many years, particularly our near-peer adversaries, like Russia and China — they were able to attack America in the cyber domain with very little fear of us punching back,” Warner concluded on the issue. “I think we’ve taken off some of those restraints. I think that is good, long term. We need to realize these challenges, particularly in the cyber domain, will be where the first shots of 21st century conflict will take place.”

Gee, sure doesn’t sound much like Trump is a Russian asset, does it?

But this is just one of the many things that blows apart that fiction that media/Democrats have pushed for almost three years.

Indeed it was always Obama bending over, being flexible, if you will, for Russia.

Obama drew a “red line” and did nothing in Russia-backed Syria in response to chemical attacks, Trump dropped a bomb on them. And when fired upon by Russians in Syria, Trump dropped more bombs and took out a few hundred Russians.

Obama failed to provide lethal aid to Ukraine when they were invaded by Russia, Trump had to come in for them to get the lethal aid, specifically Javelin anti-tank missiles to help against the Russians.

Trump also built up NATO by demanding that partner nations live up to their commitments to pay their fair shares, getting $100 billion more for its defense, for which he was praised by the NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg. He delegated more money to the European Deterrence Initiative to help protect the European states bordering Russia including Poland and the Baltic states.


Trump passed more sanctions against Russia and booted more Russian officials out of the country.

All of this deserves a lot more attention and it’s good that Warner got some of it out there. The interesting question is given the rabid partisanship at this time, why is Warner piping in with this very significant truth?


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