Pelosi Turns Justice on Its Head, Suggests the President Has to Prove His Innocence

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) showed just how far down the rabbit hole Democrats are willing to go to impeach President Donald Trump.


As in completely turns our standard of justice and truth on its head.

Pelosi said all they are trying to do is have a “seeking of the truth.” “It’s called an inquiry,” she said. “If the President has something that’s exculpatory – Mr. President, that means you have anything that shows your innocence – then he should make that known. And that’s part of the inquiry. So far we haven’t seen that.”

Wow, that takes some kind of nerve to actually say all that with a straight face given the witch hunt they’ve been trying to push on the American people.

First, how nasty and condescending to think she can tell Trump what “exculpatory” means after pushing the Russia hoax against him for the past three years.

But at what point is it the responsibility of Trump to prove his innocence, to provide exculpatory evidence? Perhaps the Speaker forgets that one is innocent until proven guilty? That it’s the Democrats who have to prove guilt here, not Trump prove his innocence. Of course, that says a lot about how they intend simply to deem him guilty and completely ignore all standards.

What utter gall, given that Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) has literally denied the President the right to counsel at hearings, the right to transcripts of those hearings and the right to cross-examine witnesses. They’ve been denying him due process right down the line. They’ve even denied him a proper allegation to answer, opening hearings without even putting forwards any specific facts or an impeachable charge, as they cast around trying to find something. The “resolution” they voted on isn’t an inquiry into any specific charge, it’s a vote on rules that continue to deny Trump and the GOP rights and allow an open-ended investigation under the rule of Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA).


To say that “we haven’t seen” any exculpatory evidence is a gross distortion of reality. And indeed, in a criminal trial, the prosecution would be required to put forth any exculpatory evidence of which they were aware, they couldn’t lie about it and say they “hadn’t seen it” as Pelosi does here.

Ukrainian officials including President Volodymyr Zelensky have said there was no pressure placed on them and there was no quid pro quo, no requests of investigations of Bidens in exchange for aid. For most Americans, it looks pretty darn exculpatory when the people the Democrats are claiming are the victims say there was no such crime.

Then there’s the transcript of the call that Democrats keep trying to dismiss. It doesn’t actually support what their claim. The only reference in the transcript to the Bidens is Trump asking to check if the investigation against Burisma was properly closed, a perfectly valid check on corruption. Not to “dig up dirt” on Joe Biden. And the “do us a favor” pertains to investigations as to what happened to the DNC server in 2016. That had nothing to do with Biden.

As George Kent testified there were over the years a lot of legitimate questions about Burisma from U.S. officials and it was in the interests of the United States to determine if indeed the case against Burisma was properly closed. Indeed Kent said that he thought Burisma should be investigated to determine that there wasn’t any corruption in closing the case against them. Kent also noted he had concerns about the appearance of a conflict with Hunter Biden on the board and he apprised Vice President Joe Biden’s office of his concerns. That would support President Trump’s point that there were legitimate corruption concerns.


But Pelosi isn’t letting truth or standards get in her way.


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