Rep. Doug Collins Sums Up Bill Taylor's Testimony With a Hilarious Classic Video

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

Democrats have a big problem with their impeachment witnesses.

We have the transcript of the Ukraine call and we have the word of the two presidents as to what was discussed. None of which supports the Democrats’ claims.


What do they have? Witnesses talking about their opinions and third or fourth-hand hearsay.

None of the witnesses can corroborate that President Donald Trump held up aid for investigating a political opponent.

The testimony of Ambassador Bill Taylor today just reinforced how empty this all is.

As my colleague Sister Toldjah reported earlier, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) just exposed that in his questioning of Taylor.

He showed basically he didn’t have any actual first-hand knowledge of anything.

Even MSNBC got it, noting that “he didn’t speak personally with the president” and his knowledge was limited with nothing from the president.

But perhaps the best summary of Taylor’s testimony was from Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA), the ranking member for the Judiciary Committee.


That’s Kristy Swanson in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”

And she loved Collins’ take on her classic scene.

So here’s the thing. It’s clear some of these folks, some holdovers from Obama, don’t like Trump or his policy. Too bad, he sets the policy. They don’t get to determine policy and if they had any credibility they’d quit if they disagree. But their opinion doesn’t equal an impeachable offense except in the fervid brains of Democrats who are desperate to find anything to prevent Trump from winning in 2020.

Hint? This isn’t it.


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