MSNBC's Joy Reid Reveals Dem Impeachment Points to Batter Your Relatives With at Thanksgiving

Seems like the Democratic media have been handed the talking points.

As we reported earlier today, Democrats know they’re having a problem selling the Ukraine call as a reason for impeachment. But they just think it’s because you’re dumb and don’t understand what “quid pro quo” is. So they’re going to try to rephrase it for you, so you can understand. Never mind that the facts aren’t there to begin with and the whole thing is ridiculous.


Here they are, if you haven’t seen folks lay them out yet.
1. Bribery and extortion (Never mind that the alleged victim, the Ukrainian president, says it didn’t happen and that they didn’t no any aid was even being considered to be withheld, nor was it withheld.)
2. President Donald Trump confessed/admitted it. (No, he did not such thing. And the transcript doesn’t support the claim. Indeed, the transcript has him asking to see if the investigation about Burisma was properly closed, not to “dig up dirt on the Bidens,” a very important distinction to make that most keep missing.)
3. Others confirm this, so we don’t need the whistleblower. (No, actually they don’t. All folks have offered is their hearsay opinions, not anything from Trump saying “hold up aid until they investigate the Bidens.”)

MSNBC’s Joy Reid was right on it, giving her audience advice on how to deal with the relatives who weren’t buying the Democratic narrative at the dinner table on Thanksgiving.

From Fox News:

“We are just over two weeks away from one of the most beloved American food holidays. Thanksgiving, where problematic actual history meets delicious cuisine,” Reid started the segment on Saturday morning, “and many will be heading home to spend time with family and friends, eat a little too much and perhaps engage in a dreaded, contentious political debate with your cranky Uncle Roscoe when he starts yelling, ‘read the transcript!’ at the dinner table between bites of turkey and pumpkin pie.”


Sounds like Uncle Roscoe actually knows what he’s talking about when he says to actually look at the best recorded evidence of what was in the call. Not to mention the word of both presidents, neither of whom support this fiasco.

But Joy tells you how “everything to understand” to convince Uncle Roscoe and Auntie Carol.

“Here’s a hint: Do not worry about trying to explain the cast of characters… or the very overused term, ‘quid pro quo.’ Most people can’t say it, spell it or understand it,” Reid continued. “What we’re actually talking about here is not a pithy Latin phrase. It’s something a lot simpler: bribery and extortion.”

“Beyond the whistleblower and over 100 hours of testimony backing up that fact, Donald Trump admitted to it, and even released edited notes from his call with the Ukrainian president — which by the way is not a transcript — that actually prove he did it! Even Uncle Roscoe and Auntie Carol ought to understand that.”

How condescending is that? Sorry Americans, including Democrats, you’re just all too dumb to understand what quid pro quo means. So the reason you don’t see it here is just because you’re dumb. So we’ll call it something else in the hopes you believe that, because we think it sounds more familiar to you.


But guess what? That just makes the lack of substance all the more obvious because you don’t even have a victim, because the alleged victim, President Zelensky, doesn’t support the claim of a crime.

How do you have a crime without a victim?

But Democrats don’t care about being condescending to their audience or nasty to Uncle Roscoe and Auntie Carol, it’s all just about pushing the narrative.


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