Twitter Is Suspending People Who Name the Whistleblower

The name of the alleged Ukraine whistleblower has been kicking around out there for weeks.

It exploded into the greater firmament when Real Clear Investigations put it out there on October 30 and then multiple media organs ran with it.


Heavy, the source for putting out background information on names breaking in the news, even did a piece, “5 Fast Facts You Need to Know About Eric Ciaramella” the same day.

Despite the fact that it was everywhere by Nov. 6, some then had a meltdown when Donald Trump, Jr. tweeted a story and named Ciaramella.

And it went everywhere again after the transcript of Bill Taylor’s testimony was tweeted by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) yesterday that left Ciaramella’s name in it on page 236, failing to redact it, likely in their haste to get out what they thought was a transcript that might harm President Donald Trump.

But now that the horse is long out of the barn, Twitter is still trying to lock that barn door.

Twitter is suspending people for naming Ciaramella as the whistleblower, claiming just tweeting his name is apparently tweeting “private information.” People are not threatening him, putting up any other information out there, just using his name, but getting suspended.


This is not only just flat-out silly at this point, but once again, it’s social media apparently kowtowing to the desires of the Democrats.

There is no law that prohibits media or any private person from naming Ciaramella.

Indeed, by doing this, they are bringing even more attention to his name. And more people will tweet his name as a protest against the apparent censorship being employed by Twitter.

Is the reason they don’t want the name out there because they don’t want people to be able to check all his connection to Joe Biden and the Obama administration? Well, too late, that’s already all out there.

And trying to hide it at this point makes it obvious that you’re just trying to hide it.

But hey, as long as you’re going after accounts who put out the whistleblower’s name, Schiff posted a link to the Taylor transcript with Ciaramella’s name in it on page 236, so maybe you should suspend his account too?


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