Melania Visits Hospital to Honor Program for Sick Babies, But Some 'Professionals' Show How Badly They Can Behave

Screenshot from this video
Screenshot from this video

Trump Derangement Syndrome has led some allegedly adult people to do and say some pretty crazy things.

But sometimes you have to wonder what’s going on in people’s minds when they allow their hatred for Trump to overrule their humanity or their sense.


First Lady Melania Trump visited the Boston Medical Center accompanied by U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azarto highlight their cuddle program for sick babies with neonatal abstinence syndrome. The program also helps expectant mothers who have misused drugs or alcohol. Mrs. Trump also with patients and their families.

Now that was really nice.

This is part of both her “Be Best” initiative as well as her effort to address issues around opioid abuse that she has been pursuing since she became First Lady.

So who could protest her coming to recognize a program that helps sick babies?

Some of the employees in the hospital, alleged professionals, who might actually be treating people. About 200 people which included employees and others. were involved.


The protest looked like it was influenced or at least had members of Refuse Fascism, the radical group that has agitated against President Donald Trump since before he was elected and has been behind many protests against him.

The group claimed they were protesting Trump immigration policies which they alleged denied proper care to illegal aliens.

Some wore jackets with “We really care, do you” mocking Melania’s jacket which media had falsely reported she wore while visiting a center for illegal alien children. She wore the jacket as a message to media when she boarded a plane in Maryland to scold the media for making up crazy conspiracies while she was out of sight for a couple of weeks after kidney surgery. Media then used it to claim she wore the jacket to the children’s center.

But why would you take focus away from your own programs being honored? Why would you embarrass your hospital? And why would you cause your patients to lose faith in your professionalism when it’s clear that your politics mean more than your care about your patients?

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