Warren's 'Plan' for What People in Private Insurance Will Do After She Kills Their Jobs Is Incredibly Bad

Screenshot from this video
Screenshot from this video

Yesterday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) came out with her plan to pay for her proposed “Medicare For All” plan.

She claimed that it would “only” cost $52 trillion, but it wouldn’t cost middle class taxpayers anything, she claimed that they would save $11 trillion.


And if you believe that I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

Does anyone remember how Barack Obama promised we were going to not only get to keep our plan but also save $2500 in premiums? Politifact found that the “lie of the year”

The prospects of Medicare For All passing look pretty dim, with even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) pooh-poohing it said she was not a fan, calling it “expensive” and Joe Biden said it was impossible to pay for Medicare For All without middle class tax increases.

Not to mention where do you get the money if you’re also trying to get money to pay for the Green New Deal and all the other spending Warren would want to do, many more trillions of dollars.

But of course the cost is only one of the many problems with the plan.

The plan also will eliminate all private insurance, an idea very unpopular with Americans.

What happens to all those people in the industry who will lose their jobs when private health insurance is eliminated?

If you thought that her claim about middle class taxpayers getting money back and not having to pay was a bunch of bunk, wait until you hear her answer to that question.


“No one gets left behind. Some of the people currently working in health insurance will work in other parts of insurance. In life insurance, in auto insurance, in car insurance,” she said.

Really? Suddenly there’s going to be a huge new need to accommodate all those people and she’s going to be able to control employers to hire them? Not to mention that insurance jobs/knowledge is not just interchangeable like that.

Oh, come on. This is silly. This woman is supposed to be the “genius wonk?”

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