Pelosi Now Saying 'Impeachment Inquiry' Could Go Beyond Ukraine, but 'We Haven't Made Decision to Impeach'

Screenshot from this ABC video
Screenshot from this ABC video

Democrats have been desperate to impeach President Donald Trump virtually since he was elected.

Doesn’t matter what for as long as they get him out because they’re upset they lost.


Even now with an alleged ‘impeachment proceeding’ being pursued by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and House Intel Chair Adam Schiff (D-CA), they still haven’t figured out for what.

The resolution they passed on Thursday wasn’t an ‘impeachment inquiry’ resolution; they didn’t even specify what “high crime or misdemeanor” Trump is alleged to have committed. They don’t mention the Ukraine call. In fact, they don’t even mention any incident or facts at all. They just talk about process and rules. Yet, media has cast this as the opening of a formal “impeachment inquiry.” Compare that to a real impeachment inquiry start, that of Bill Clinton that opened based on the finding of the independent counsel that there were 11 actual charges including perjury and obstruction.

What this is with the Democrats now is an abuse of power, an open-ended effort to find something — anything — on which to impeach the President.

Pelosi in as much admitted that today, telling media that the investigation could go beyond the Ukraine call or the questions of quid pro quo.

From The Hill:

Pelosi on Friday emphasized that the decision on articles of impeachment will be up to the committees handling the inquiry. She did not rule out the possibility that the obstruction of justice allegations against Trump in Mueller’s report could come up.

“What we’re talking about now is taking us into a whole other class of objection to what the president has done. And there may be other — there were 11 obstruction of justice provisions in the Mueller report. Perhaps some of them will be part of this,” Pelosi said during an interview with Bloomberg Television. “But again, that will be part of the inquiry, to see where we go.”


Translation? She knows that she has nothing, but they’re hoping by subpoenaing everyone and everything they can, that they will find something. And using the term ‘impeachment’ to help with that subpoena power and their base.

She also may know that the polls are indicating people aren’t buying the Ukraine call angle as a reason to impeach someone.

No, Mueller didn’t find that there was obstruction, he specifically said he didn’t find that. He listed possible things to investigate, but they were not findings like Starr made nor did they include exculpatory evidence or arguments that undermined those claims. Plus, Mueller found there wasn’t any conspiracy. But Pelosi hasn’t even listed those things as part of a resolution to pursue.

Shockingly, she also said today, “We haven’t even made a decision to impeach. This is what an inquiry is about,” Pelosi said.

No, this isn’t what an impeachment inquiry is about. Before you start throwing the word around you’re supposed to at least to be able to claim what you think was wrong, what “high crime” you are pursuing, none of which was listed in the resolution.


This is banana republic time and should scare anyone.

This is blowing right over the Founders’ intent for impeachment that it be a solemn non-political process for serious things not just because you don’t like the president or wish your party had won.


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