First Trump Gets Baghdadi, Now He Gets ISIS Spokesperson, Baghdadi's Right Hand Man

All the time that Democrats have been hitting President Donald Trump for his moves in Syria, as the news today demonstrates, while he may have moved 50 troop members, he still had a lot of action happening.


Not only did the Trump administration take out the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, yesterday, in an operation that had been in the works and planning for weeks, but they also took out his righthand man and spokesperson, Abu al-Hassan al-Muhajir, in a different, new operation today.

Muhajir was taken out by Hellfire missile near Jarablus in Aleppo province according to Syrian Democratic Forces commander Mazloum Abdi.

Interesting that the Trump administration got them as they were trying to move into the Turkish-controlled area.

Muhajir has been the spokesperson since 2016 when his predecessor was also taken out by a U.S. airstrike. As Newsweek observed, Muhajir’s origins were not known, his nickname meaning “emigrant” indicated he might be a foreigner, not Syrian or Iraqi.


During his remarks Sunday, Trump said he did not inform Russia and Turkey of the operation’s details ahead of time, but sought their cooperation over airspace, and then thanked them for their cooperation.

Kobane referred to the raid that ended in the death of Baghdadi as a “Successful& historical operation due to a joint intelligence work with the United States of America.” Trump also expressed gratitude Syrian Kurds, noting they provided “useful” information, while Iraq appears to have played a major role in intelligence-gathering in the leadup to the operation.

Two huge decapitation strikes to what remains of ISIS.

And great wins for the United States.



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