First Katie Hill, Now Another Dem Is Under Investigation for Alleged Relationship with Staffer

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Screenshot from this video

Democrats have been shellshocked by the allegations concerned Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA) that were broken exclusively by RedState about Hill being involved in a “throuple” with a campaign aide and her husband. Hill also allegedly had an affair with a staffer, her legislative director, Graham Kelly.


Hill has now admitted to having an “inappropriate relationship” with the campaign aide, but is still denying having a sexual relationship with her congressional staffer.

House Rules forbid having sexual relationships with staffers.

The House announced on Wednesday that they had launched an investigation into Hill based on the report by RedState.

From Fox News:

“The committee is aware of public allegations that Representative Katie Hill may have engaged in a sexual relationship with an individual on her congressional staff, in violation of House Rule XXIII, Clause 18(a),” Committee Chairman Ted Deutch, D-Fla., and Ranking Member Kenny Marchant, R-Texas, wrote. They added that the panel had launched “an investigation and will gather additional information regarding the allegations.”

But now it turns out that Katie Hill is not the only person they’re investigating.

Turns out there’s another Democrat who allegedly had an inappropriate relationship with a staffer.

The House Ethics Committee announced that they were also investigating Delegate Michael F.Q. San Nicolas (D-Guam) over allegations that he had a sexual relationship with a staffer & campaign finance abuses. They are looking into allegations that he converted campaign funds to personal use and accepted improper or excessive campaign contributions.


According to the Washington Times, legal counsel for San Nicolas said, “The congressman welcomes the opportunity for due process.”

Territories of the United States, like Guam, have non-voting delegates instead of representatives. San Nicolas has represented Guam’s at large district since January. He was elected to serve as the Vice Chair of the House Committee on Financial Services by fellow committee members.

Kuam News reported that in San Nicolas’ former chief of staff John Paul Manuel had filed a complaint with the Guam Election Commission about his former boss’ actions.

Here’s what Manuel said in September before the House announcement and he didn’t hold back.

From Kuam News:

Manuel told KUAM News, “How can you truly be supporting our troops when he is engaging in sexual relations with their wives while they are away? There is never a convenient time to reveal a friend’s wrong-doings. But the truth needed to be said. How is it responsible to have your chakmak on government payroll for $85,000? Powerful men need to realize the era of using political office as their own personal sexual playground is over. Government budgets don’t have any more room for chakmaks.”


Here’s more from Kuam News:

Kuam News also reported San Nicolas has a pretty poor voting record, according to Roll Call, observing that:

[I]n the Committee of the Whole, Congressman San Nicolas “voted just 47% of the time he has been eligible through October. 23rd”. Roll Call reports “overall he’s missed 138 or 259 votes so far”.


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