GOP Now Holding Sit-In For Impeachment Transparency, Democrats Having a Meltdown

Screenshot from this video
Screenshot from this video

Earlier today, Republicans stormed the closed door impeachment proceeding being held in the Capitol basement.

Democrats were questioning Defense Department official Laura Cooper behind closed doors.


But Republicans decided enough was enough of the lack of transparency in how Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) has been conducting the proceedings and the refusal to hold a formal vote for an impeachment inquiry.

So dozens of them held a press conference in front of the hearing room and then several of them stormed the room, stopping the hearing from proceeding.

But then, they refused to leave until the Democrats came to an agreement with them about transparency.

While they were not allowed to have phones in the SCIF, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) sent out a message in accordance with the rules of a SCIF through a secure line.


But since the hearing was stopped and Schiff had spirited away the witness there was nothing that they would have been violating with phones in any event. The first question they need to ask of the witness when they can is if she was asked by Schiff to say anything or did he try to influence her in any way.

Republicans ordered pizza for the reporters covering the drama outside, telling them they were going to be awhile.

Of course, this made Democrats flip out. Democrats claimed that Republicans were obstructing the process and had violated the SCIF.


Meanwhile, Democrats seem to have forgotten about their sit-in for gun control,which of course the media lauded as proof of their dedication.

Democrats don’t seem to have counted on Republicans fighting back.


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